Atom package for wrapping lines

Even though I have always seemed to fall back to Vim in a terminal for my coding, I have been using Atom (with SSHFS) for some time now and for reasons I don’t quite understand yet, I’ve not really felt the urge to stop. My initial impressions were that Atom is a Sublime knock-off with some more flexibility, so I expected after a short time of playing with my invite, to go back to my tried and true Vim since that’s what I did with Sublime.  But here I am, and I’m more convinced to stick with it some more now that it has been open sourced.  The ‘gq’ wrap lines feature was one I sorely missed, so I thought I’d try to script it.

I was surprised at how easy and quick it was to code a package for it, and to subsequently make available to everyone else through their package management system (the image above takes you to the package).     On a slightly related note, my friend Rob pointed me to this interesting Vim modernization project.