Automating Organization and ‘Sticky Items’

StickyPlayI had a nice  in-person discussion after the last post.  The basic idea is that there is an  overwhelming amount of manual effort that goes into organizing a hierarchy.    I think this is a really good point, and I really like the idea of ‘automating’ the organization process or algorithms providing suggested or ‘default’ organizations.  This being said, I also like the idea of user input in the process.  Even if you have a nice automated way to organize your data, what if you really want to keep something organized the way it is?   This approach would allow you to access your data in a way that you specify.   For example, in a snapshot of my Google Play music library above, what if I wanted the three items in blue ‘stuck’ or ‘pinned’ at those locations?  That would be preferable to typing in a search bar or scrolling through a list of albums automatically sorted by some criteria.   This hybrid approach  allows user interfaces to provide automated suggestions for organization while at the same time letting the user keep certain things where they want them.   Another example is phone apps.  Right now we manually organize our apps on our home screen(s), but what if apps are organized, at least in part, by how often they are used while certain commonly used apps are ‘sticky’ because you like them there?

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