Caribbean Christmas Tree

I’m not an avid traveler, but occasionally I’m prodded from where my rump rests to go somewhere.  This time, my cousin who was born and raised in Trinidad left his Seattle-Google residence to get married in his home country.

On the trip, I had the chance to visit a bird sanctuary where the Scarlet Ibis is the main attraction.  One of the neat things was that in the evening time, all the birds congregate around a similar area to sleep. On our tour, it was a mini island rock with a bunch of trees that looked much like this:

Scarlet Ibis Tree

Pretty sharp contrast.  Guess they do Christmas a little differently there.


  1. Nevan Sewell · December 2, 2008

    I’ve seen that island with those birds too. I believe I was the one sitting beside you while you took that photograph. Nice zoom on your camera. I didn’t get such a good photo.

  2. nequitans · December 2, 2008

    So I meant to link the image above to the person who actually took it (not me!): Looks pretty much exactly like what we saw, huh? Thank you Google Image search!

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