IAS Princeton

I visited the IAS this last week (“best known as the academic home of Albert Einstein, John von Neumann, and Kurt Gödel“) to meet with the prof I’m currently working with (she’s there for the year). It’s such a quiet and natural place that exists purely on “endowments, grants, and gifts”. That’s quite the yearly budget considering they reportedly house 27 permanent faculty and award hundreds of year-long fellowships.

And “research is never contracted or directed; it is left to each individual researcher to pursue his or her own goals”. It certainly humbles any sense of self-discipline I’d like to think I have.

Pretty cellular pictures

Electron microscopy for cellular transcription [1]:

Not saying that microscopy pictures are always the most instructive, but I was pleasantly surprised to see that the American Society for Cell Biology has a nice collection of images and videos available free for us online (and thankfully with decent descriptions/pointers).

[1] © 1969 J. Richard McIntosh. All rights reserved. Reprinted under license from The American Society for Cell Biology.