Get more from your computers

If you’re like me at all, you probably find that even with older/alternative laptops and desktops you may have lying around, one of them is essentially the “main” one. Most of these machines (even ones that are many years old) still have it in them to do good for you–whether it be for the little monitor space they provide or offloading some basic media or computations to them. While this is ideal, it’s not all that practical and it may be tempting to sell or scrap your old and stick with the new. Inappropriate.

Taking advantage of a few simple, tried-and-true tools that have been shown to work well across platforms can go a long way. I find these have helped me use all my PCs in a surprisingly integrated and headache-free way so I can focus on stuff I’d rather do:

The picture above shows three quite different machines that have been with me for years. They now share the same keyboard and mouse and act as a big desktop when around each other, but still function just as well as independent units.

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