What is an energy landscape?

This note simply tries to get across as accurately and conceptually as possible what a potential energy landscape is. It is part of an inquiry into complex networks and physical structure. The field has quite a bit of activity, and the discussion can be seen as a simple introduction to the topic. It is difficult to find introductions at this level, so it may be of use to others, but mostly I just wrote it to log some progress. Thanks to a friend for his thoughts and I welcome other thoughts and better-yet corrections (though I don’t expect any comments at such an early stage of me web logging).

You can download the PDF directly via this link.

In the interim…

I’ve completed the first draft of the next technical entry I’ll post soon (revised title): “What is an energy landscape?”. While I have a couple of friends look at that, I’m going to be developing some other thoughts. Technical entries make themselves obvious not only by their crappy titles, but also by the fact that they’ll usually link to a “TeX note” (a variation of the term “tech note” borrowed from a friend) of some sort or contain words that mean nothing to a lot of people. Non-technical ones should be more engaging, I hope. I consider these first few entries me “warming” up to the habit of using the web log. Hope everyone is enjoying the new year.